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Deliver a memorable guest experience

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Legion lets you focus on the important things

Whether you’re offering classes or an entire gym experience, Legion lets you focus on the important things—like offering a healthy outlet for your guests and experiencing club culture—while reducing the time you need to spend on cumbersome tasks like scheduling, time tracking and labor forecasting.

What Legion can do for Health & Fitness Clubs

Here are some of the way the ways Legion can help your fitness brand

Accurately determine peak workout periods

New year’s resolutions and after-work hours inevitably result in busy periods for your club, but how accurate are your forecasts? Legion adds a new level of predictability and through AI that was not possible before.

Schedule ad hoc employees

Whether it’s a guest instructor or personal trainer who uses your facility, Legion makes it easy for you to add employee profiles and feed them to automated scheduling. All your workforce needs are covered in one solution.

Let employees work at multiple clubs

Legion provides an easy-to- use mobile app where employees indicate scheduling preferences, preferred locations and more so you can shift staff to different locations during projected peak or low periods while avoiding costly overtime pay.

Gauge staff productivity with reports and analytics

Legion provides a variety of analytics to track workforce productivity including staff scheduling matches, forecast accuracy, location-specific KPIs, employee KPIs and more so you can make fact-based decisions and continually improve results.

Seamlessly manage club tasks

It takes a lot to manage a successful fitness business. Legion helps you run smoothly with precise task and role definitions. For maintenance, sales promotions, instruction, front desk staff or other areas, we create AI-based labor models to ensure you fully leverage the staff you have.

Ease compliance burdens

Compliance tracking is burdensome, with each region having frequently-changing labor laws. Legion removes hassles with pre-loaded regional regulations and out-of-compliance alerts so you can spend wisely on club improvements versus costly penalties.