Workforce management in the time of crisis

The Road to Recovery

Chart a course to grow, reduce inefficiency, create lasting processes and promote a healthy workforce.

Healthy Worker Scheduling Features

Legion enables powerful scheduling controls to help scale COVID-19 procedures consistently and automatically across your organization

Contact Tracing

Identify employees overlapping with potential COVID-19-infected employees or customers in a matter of minutes, by utilizing schedule and clock data in Legion.

Employee Communications & Collaboration

Easy, powerful communication features to share updates and new protocols with your hourly workforce. Includes one-way communication, two-way communication, group chat and more.

Healthy Worker Scheduling

Identify, instantly clear and trace unhealthy or quarantined workers. Assign rules for automated schedule generation.

Adjusted Forecast Models

Automatically adjust forecasts to reflect changes in demand at a location level, using Legion’s Machine Learning technology. Manual adjustments are also supported if necessary.

Labor Model Tweaks

Central adjustments to models for all locations to accommodate extra cleaning and healthy worker protocols to inform labor plan and automated scheduling.

Employee Health Surveys

Enable self-service employee wellness surveys. Tie survey answers to automated schedule controls.

Contact Tracing with In-App Notifications

Identify and notify workers who shared shifts with potentially infected employees


  • Identify all workers who overlapped with potentially infected workers
  • Instantly send in-app notifications to co-workers
  • List or diagram view of tracing path, informed via schedule and clock data
  • Export list for email notifications
  • Instantly clear schedules, convert to Open Shifts if worker is potentially infected

Healthy Worker Scheduling

Ensure potentially infected and quarantined workers are not scheduled


  • Surveys in employee scheduling app and mobile time clock
  • Can integrate test results from HR system for healthy worker badge
  • Badges for potentially infected employees ensure they are not scheduled
  • Survey time reportable as tax credit

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