Compliance and Predictable Pay

Minimize risk. Increase peace of mind.

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in-store sales increase when retail staff has predictable pay practices

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Legion manages the complexities of labor laws by ensuring schedules incorporate predictive scheduling laws. Plus, time and attendance tracking automatically incorporates compliance while auto computing premium pay.

What Legion can do for Compliance & Predictable Pay

Here are some of the ways Legion helps ease compliance burdens

Pre-built templates

Legion maintains a library of preloaded compliance templates by city and state. As more predictive scheduling laws become the norm across the U.S., Legion will maintain up-to-date compliance templates and business rules to ensure schedules are fully compliant.

Alerts and reporting

Legion monitors the entire scheduling process and will generate immediate notification alerts whenever a compliance violation is detected with built-in flags. At the same time, Legion maintains a complete and accurate record of all scheduling activities to demonstrate multi-year compliance.

Fully compliant schedules for happier employees

AI-driven automated scheduling incorporates compliance regulations. After a compliant schedule has been published, employees can verify their upcoming work-hours from anywhere via a mobile device. If they are eligible, employees can pick-up additional shifts on a voluntary basis.

Time and Attendance

For time sheets, Legion automatically integrates schedules, and ensures any unplanned clock activity is flagged.Alerts and reports for out-of-compliance areas, including overtime pay, are built in, with detailed metrics to show if managers violate compliance policy.

Predictable pay guidance for schedule publishing

Legion automatically prompts schedule creation at least two weeks ahead of time and lets managers auto-publish schedules that are also sent in seconds to an employee’s phone, where they can see both shifts and estimated pay for each shift.

Confidently tweak schedules

Whether an employee calls out or you just need additional coverage, shift swaps and Open Shifts automatically factor in local compliance laws so you never need to worry about the burdensome process of manually tracking schedule changes. All relevant meal/rest break regulations are factored into schedules as well.