Legion Self Guided Demo

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Legion WFM Intro

Legion’s industry-leading workforce management platform optimizes labor efficiency and the employee experience simultaneously.Generate fully automated granular demand forecasts and long-term labor budgets in seconds using AI. Instantly generate optimized schedules that match your business needs with employee skills and preferences. Attract and retain hourly employees with gig-like schedule flexibility and control, modern communication tools, instant access to earned wages, and performance and rewards specially designed for them.

Scheduling Solution

In this demo, we share how Legion Automated Scheduling enables intelligent automation to create optimal schedules matching business needs with employee preferences and skills 96% of the time.

Compliance Management

This demo showcases how preloading compliance templates boosts implementation speed and decreases cognitive load. We actively engage and collaborate with customers on upcoming legislation, ensuring adherence to local labor compliance laws. By integrating Legion WFM compliance management, you streamline scheduling, time and attendance processes, minimize risks, and establish efficient, compliant workforce management systems

Scheduling & Demand Forecasting

Get a tour of Legion Automated Scheduling and Demand Forecasting. Legion Demand Forecasting intelligently automates demand forecasting. It creates a unique model and forecast for every demand driver and continuously learns and improves to deliver highly accurate forecasts in changing conditions. Weather and local events are automatically syndicated and pre-integrated.

Legion Copilot

Legion Copilot is more than just a digital assistant; it’s a virtual companion designed to assist, guide, and facilitate. Imagine a world where all workforce management functions are accessible through a simple conversation. No menus, no complicated interfaces—just natural dialogue that understands and executes requests. This is revolutionary for the large swath of workers who prefer immediacy and simplicity.

AI in Legion WFM

In this live product tour, we show how workforce management isn’t just about scheduling and timekeeping. It’s evolved into a sophisticated dance orchestrated by AI. By utilizing different types of AI to their fullest capabilities, including the newly introduced Legion Copilot, Legion’s WFM Platform can completely transform how you manage your business. Watch the video and follow as we explore the technology that’s behind this transformation.