Workforce Management for Distribution Centers

Optimize Labor Efficiency and Employee Engagement Simultaneously – At Scale

Distribution Center operators face unique challenges in today’s environment. They must operate efficiently, comply with labor laws, and cultivate and retain a highly productive workforce.

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Legion’s AI-powered workforce management platform can help meet these key challenges and needs by optimizing labor efficiency and employee engagement simultaneously – at scale. Legion WFM delivers transformational results, including significant labor savings, 98% labor forecasting accuracy, and 95% employee engagement. We help industry leaders, with locations in more than 38 countries and 30,000 locations, maximize labor efficiency and increase engagement with their 450,000 employees.

Optimizing Labor Efficiency Begins with Precise Demand Forecasting and Labor Modeling

Accurate demand forecasting is the foundation of labor efficiency. Legion WFM uses a machine-learning demand forecasting approach with unique models. Each of which will be automatically selected and then customized for every one of your specific locations and channels.

Our models automatically take inputs from your key demand drivers to determine how many pallets and cases your operators can expect on each truck. Legion WFM integrates seamlessly with leading warehouse management systems and can create granular demand forecasts for each location with 98% accuracy to efficiently process orders and receipts and exceed performance benchmarks.

Demand Forecasting Highlights:

  • 98% accurate forecasts

  • Integrates seamlessly with leading warehouse management systems

  • Unique forecasts for each location and channel

Labor Optimization

Because distribution centers are often cost centers, we know every dollar counts. And labor cost is almost always the biggest expense. Legion WFM uses machine learning (ML) to optimize labor efficiency. It creates staffing guidance based on demand, labor standards, business policies, and budget constraints to create the optimal labor plan. Distribution Center operators can formulate long-range staffing plans with fixed and flexible schedules.

Using Legion WFM Control Center, administrators can set staffing guidelines based on warehouse attributes, such as operating hours, number of buildings and shifts, or number of forklifts by type. These configurations can be applied to locations automatically, and Legion WFM uses the configurations to produce optimized schedules and ensure consistent operations.

Control Center also enables operations and labor planning teams to explore what-if scenarios for labor capacity versus order fulfillment and other scenarios such as staffing with permanent workers versus temporary workers to determine what produces the most optimal outcome.

Labor Optimization Highlights:

  • Pair budget constraints, expressed in hours or dollars, with workload including both fixed and demand-driven labor to deliver an optimized staffing plan

  • Automatically create precise labor plans at down-to-the minute granularity to incorporate key labor standards for site-based activities and performance metrics

Automatically Schedule the Right Worker at the Right Time at the Right Location

Legion WFM can ensure your distribution center is automatically staffed with the right people at the right time. Managers can create AI optimized schedules with a single click. Legion WFM collects employee work preferences via the mobile app and combines them with employee skills, your organization’s scheduling policies, as well as local, federal, state, and city laws and regulations to create perfectlymatched, fully-compliant schedules. Managers can choose to leverage schedule templates and fill in supplemental shifts based on demand.

The Legion WFM Scheduling module improves communication and flexibility. Schedules and schedule updates are automatically shared with employees – eliminating manual processes. Managers can quickly and easily send supplemental shift offers to employees, even those in different departments, to handle call-outs or unexpected truck arrivals. Our platform will automatically suggest the best workers for the additional shifts based on productivity, skills, such as certified equipment operators, and compliance factors.

Automated Scheduling Highlights:

  • Create fully-compliant schedules in seconds

  • Schedule the right employee at the right time, based on productivity, skills and certifications, and employee preferences

  • Improve communication and eliminate manual processes

  • Share workers across departments, based on employee skills and preferences

Engage Employees with Gig-like Flexibility and Modern Tools

Giving employees a great experience improves retention and reduces absenteeism. Legion WFM provides easy-to-use self-service tools and provides gig-like flexibility. Employees can quickly and easily create their scheduling preferences for the number of shifts per week, length of shifts, days and hours they want to work, and which locations and departments they want to work in. They can view upcoming shifts, initiate swaps, sign up for open shifts, and request time-off – all from their mobile phone.

Employee Experience Highlights:

  • Easy-to-use self-service tools

  • Schedules that better match their preferences

  • Easily swap shifts and claim open shifts – even across departments and locations

  • More schedule visibility and input at their fingertips

  • Fair and equitable schedules

Manage Time and Attendance with Ease

Easily record, monitor, and track time and attendance on the web, or a smart kiosk. Legion WFM integrates seamlessly with leading payroll systems. Managers save time with clock auto-approvals and automatic computation of penalty premiums – reducing compliance burdens with automatic flagging and violation reporting.

Time and Attendance Highlights:

  • Integrates with leading payroll systems

  • Manages COVID-19 risk with health and safety protocols and accelerate contact tracing

  • Reduces the risk of compliance issues

Leverage Powerful Analytics and Self-Learning ML for Continuous Improvement

Access powerful self-service data exploration and capabilities that help you explore, analyze, and share real-time WFM analytics easily. Looker analytics platform is embedded in Legion WFM, so teams can build or customize rich dashboards and share them across the organization. Plus, they can analyze large volumes of data to investigate trends, predict outcomes, and discover insights.

Legion WFM Platform

Our cloud-native, microservices-based platform integrates seamlessly into existing environments. It’s SOC-2, Part-2 certified, supported 24x7, and customers can take advantage of new features with zero-downtime upgrades. The platform is multi-tenant and can automatically scale without adding to CapEx.

About Legion

The Legion AI-powered workforce management platform optimizes labor efficiency and employee engagement simultaneously – at scale. Customers have significantly reduced labor costs, cut scheduling time in half, and achieved 95% employee engagement. Unlike legacy software, Legion WFM was built for the cloud, designed to handle the complexity of modern organizations, and meets the needs of today’s hourly workers. Employees get better schedules that more closely match their preferences, modern tools, and gig-like flexibility. Organizations optimize their labor spend, have happier committed workers, and are up and running with Legion WFM in as little as three months.