Strategic Insights Datasheet

Key Features

  • Out-of-the-box dashboards track employee engagement, manager productivity, schedule optimization, and compliance management

  • Business users identify key trends and make better operational decisions

  • Reports and dashboards are easily built against almost 200 key performance indicators without IT assistance

  • Reports are available at any granularity level and customized to the organization's unique needs

Business executives, workforce management (WFM) project sponsors, and administrators often lack visibility and insight into key WFM trends. The Legion WFM platform generates a wealth of data to improve decision-making, and it's available with a couple of clicks. Unfortunately, many organizations rely on traditional analytics tools for WFM projects that require extensive IT integration projects. And report generation and analysis are often restricted to a few business analysts.

The Legion Solution

Empower Business Leaders With Strategic Insights

Legion Strategic Insights provides business leaders, WFM project sponsors, and administrators with deep insights into employee engagement, manager productivity, labor optimization, and compliance management trends. Business users don't need IT support to get started. With a quick configuration setting, business users get immediate access to out-of-the-box dashboards and hundreds of other key performance indicators at any granularity level.

Monitor Employee Engagement

Monitor and measure key employee-engagement metrics, including:

  • Onboarded employees

  • Active employees

  • Cover shifts claimed

  • Swap offers claimed

  • Shift swaps

  • Shift claims

  • Newsfeed post views


  • Get actionable insights into key trends on employee engagement, manager productivity, labor optimization, and compliance management

  • Make better operational decisions leveraging out-of-the-box dashboards and hundreds of key performance indicators

  • Quantify the impact of your WFM efforts and identify performance against key objectives

  • Identify opportunities to reward positive performance and identify training opportunities

  • Monitor your hourly workforce's engagement

Measure Manager Productivity Gains

The Manager Productivity dashboard within Strategic Insights enables you to assess the time and cost savings associated with automating routine schedule creation and maintenance tasks, including:

  • Automated time clock approvals

  • Automated suggestion of the right employees to fill open shifts

  • Open shifts claimed

  • Cover shifts claimed

  • Automated PTO planning

Measure Labor Optimization

The Labor Optimization dashboard measures labor and schedule optimization. These are the key metrics included in this dashboard:

  • Budget adherence

  • Forecasted demand variances

  • Ideal labor budget compared to budgeted labor hours

  • Published hours vs. budgeted, forecasted, and ideal hours

  • Clocked hours vs. budgeted, forecasted, and ideal hours

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Compliance Management

The Compliance Management dashboard provides insight into locations with the highest levels of overtime, so teams can take the necessary action. The dashboard enables business users to understand:

  • The 20 locations with the most overtime

  • Scheduled overtime by location

  • Published overtime by location

  • Clocked overtime by location

Pre-Built and Third-Party Integrations

Strategic Insights works seamlessly with all generally-available modules in the Legion WFM platform and data can be exported and used in leading third-party reporting tools.