National Convenience Store Chain Transforms Operations and Employee Engagement with AI-Powered WFM


  • 92% weekly employee engagement: a competitive advantage for hiring

  • Dramatic savings on training: intuitive UI and easy-to-use app

  • Critical staffing needs supported: retails stores, distribution centers, and support centers

  • New-found flexibility: sharing workers across locations kept stores open during pandemic

  • Fast rollout: 700+ locations in 6.5 months


A leading national petro-convenience store chain needed to quickly find a new workforce management solution for its 700+ locations and 11,000 employees. Its legacy vendor was phasing out the existing solution.

Innovation Far Beyond “The Best Old Solution Out There”

Leaders from IT, Operations, and Payroll came together to evaluate various  alternatives that could meet the needs of their retail operations, distribution centers, and support centers. According to the Executive Director of Information Systems, the team narrowed the field down to “the best of the old solutions out there.” But then they got a lucky break. Leaders from Workday and Gartner suggested that the company look at an innovative startup, Legion, and its AI-Powered Workforce Management platform.

Training and Onboarding – Real ROI in the Face of 100% Turnover

Enabled by Legion’s modern deployment and training strategy, this petro-convenience store chain completed the full rollout of all 700+ locations in just 6.5 months, despite complications with the Covid-19 pandemic. Plus, the intuitive UI and modern app made training easy. Like many hourly-worker employers, this chain faced 100% turnover every year. The legacy software had required extensive training for managers and employees. “With Legion, we were able to give them the app and say Go!” explained the Executive Director of Information Systems. “Being able to do that led to real ROI.”

Schedule Visibility at Employees’ Fingertips

Before using Legion WFM, employees had to call their manager at the store to get their schedule. Often, their manager was busy and couldn’t talk to them. Other times, the schedule hadn’t been published yet. It was an inefficient process that wasted employees’ time and led to frustration. “We ask hourly workers to do so much; the more we can streamline their processes, the better it is for them,” said the Executive Director of Information Systems. “Legion is a competitive advantage for us in attracting workers. Everyone uses the app, and they want even more features, which is a sign that you have a great product.” More than 92% of employees use the mobile app every week. With it, they can view their schedules, request time off, swap shifts, claim open shifts, and update their work preferences – as often as they like.

“We loved the UI, the functions and feature set, the easy-to-use mobile app, and the product roadmap.”

Executive Director of Information Systems
National Petro-Convenience Store Chain

New-Found Flexibility – Sharing Workers Across Locations

The global pandemic upended business operations for this 24-7 retailer. Turnover was already high, and then employees were testing positive for Covid-19 or calling out because they had to quarantine. Legion WFM made it easy to float employees across stores to fill critical gaps in the schedule and keep stores open. “We felt like we were putting people in harm’s way, asking them to come into work at the peak of the crisis,” said the Executive Director of Information Systems. So, the chain decided to provide hazard pay to their hourly workers. Legion WFM automatically calculated the premiums and enabled the chain to maintain staffing at a better level than otherwise possible.

The Road Ahead

Anytime a company rolls out a new solution, managers and employees might resist the change because they prefer the old system. “We had exceptionally high acceptance rates of Legion WFM from our managers,” said the Executive Director of Information Systems. And he shared that no employees expressed “a wish to get the old system back.”

This petro-convenience store chain uses Legion WFM across its stores, distribution centers, and support centers. The team “really loves what they got with Legion WFM,” said the Executive Director of Information Systems. “Working with the Legion Engineering crew has been really good; I love our partnership.” And it’s just the beginning of more great things to come.

About Legion

The Legion AI-powered workforce management platform optimizes labor efficiency and employee engagement simultaneously – at scale. Customers have significantly reduced labor costs, cut scheduling time by 50%, and achieved 95% employee engagement. Unlike legacy software, Legion WFM was built for the cloud, designed to handle the complexity of modern organizations, and meet the needs of today’s hourly workers.