Legion WFM is the Perfect Complement to Workday HCM

Legion Modules

  • Demand Forecasting

  • Labor Optimization

  • Scheduling

  • Time and Attendance

  • Strategic Insights

Legion Integrations with Workday

  • Core HCM*

  • Accruals

  • Time Tracking

  • Bespoke integrations

Key Industries

  • Retail

  • Hospitality

  • Fitness

  • Distribution

  • Food and Beverage

Advanced Capabilities

  • Workforce sharing

  • AI-automated, one-click scheduling

  • Employee self-service

  • Automates more than 50 routine tasks

Key Benefits

  • Increased labor efficiency

  • Reduces attrition and recruitment costs

  • Increased agility

  • 50% reduction in creating and maintaining schedules

  • 95% employee engagement

“Thaving Legion WFM aligned with Workday was a bonus for Cinemark.”


JMarie Zablocki
VP, Workforce Management, Cinemark

Leading enterprise organizations choose the integrated Legion and Workday solution to provide employees with innovative, comprehensive, best-of-breed WFM and HCM.

Legion’s AI-powered, cloud-native workforce management platform optimizes labor efficiency and employee engagement simultaneously and at scale, delivering the most advanced and intuitive enterprise solution.

Legion WFM customers have reduced labor costs significantly, cut time spent on scheduling by 50%, and achieved 95% employee engagement. Plus, Legion is ranked #1 for ease of implementation, so you can be up and running within weeks – all done virtually.

Backed by Workday Ventures, Legion provides a Workday Approved integration, so there’s no extra IT effort or additional implementation risk.

Benefits: Legion and Workday Integrated Solution

  • Best-of-breed integrated solution provides an exceptional employee experience

  • Optimized and accurate demand forecasts delivered in an enterprise-level solution

  • Built-in labor rules drive consistency and minimize compliance risk

  • Native cloud platform automatically scales, and there are no upgrade costs

  • Low-risk implementation proven with enterprise-class Workday customers

Integration Benefits

  • Real-time changes in employee status are automatically incorporated into scheduling

  • Seamless data flow drives efficiency and accuracy

  • Standard, repeatable integration solution minimizes IT burden and risk

Innovative WFM Capabilities

  • Highly accurate demand forecasting based on machine learning

  • Easily explore what-if scenarios to determine optimal outcomes, such as labor capacity vs. order fulfillment, staffing permanent vs. temporary workers

  • AI-automated one-click scheduling

  • Built-in rules for labor law compliance, including scheduling minors, predictive scheduling, and premium pay requirements

  • Workforce sharing and scheduling across locations and departments

  • Employee self-service shift swaps and shift claims

  • Extensible with task management partners

  • Fast time to value: go live in 3 months with low TCO

  • Easy to learn and use with in-app training

Innovative WFM Capabilities

Legion Workday Architecture Diagram

Customers can choose Legion or Workday Time & Attendance module