Legion InstantPay


  • Give your employees access to wages they’ve earned when they need them

  • Control how you roll it out (select users, locations)

  • Easily enroll employees with a simple, three-click sign-up

  • Get InstantPay embedded in Legion WFM, no new apps to download

In today’s competitive job environment, businesses do all they can to attract, engage, and retain productive employees. Yet, frontline employees often face challenges when trying to pay unexpected bills and manage finances, leaving them stressed and distracted at work.

A recent study reported that 3 in 10 workers said financial stress had impacted their job performance, and they spent 3.6 hours per week managing financial issues while at work.1 This financial stress often results in lower employee productivity and higher turnover, damaging their health and well-being.

Legion InstantPay is a fast, cost-effective, integrated solution that helps ease your employees’ financial stress by giving them access to earned wages and fostering improved financial resilience by using tracking and savings capabilities. It can also incent employees to accept shift offers and improve their clock accuracy by providing visibility to potential shift earnings and immediate access to earned pay.

Give your employees access to their earned wages when they need them. Legion InstantPay is built into the Legion mobile app that has 95% employee engagement on a weekly basis, so you can provide Earned Wage Access (EWA) in the same digital tool employees use regularly.

Legion Instantpay Transfer Wages Moble screenshot

Stream wages

  • Give employees early access to earned wages when they need them while still complying with garnishments and company policies

  • Offer choice of next day transfer or instant transfer

  • Provide Legion Stream card for zero-fee access to earned wages at the end of every shift (optional)

Track wages

  • Give employees an easy way to keep track of their earnings in real time as they work

  • Use categories to track how they spend their money

  • Drive schedule adherence, improve clock-in and clock-out behavior, and fill shifts quickly by showing employees how much they’ll make for an open shift

Legion Instantpay Track Wages Screenshot
Legion Instantpay Save Wages Screenshot

Save wages

  • Enable employees to stream wages directly to their savings account, making it easy and automatic to save

  • Provide three ways for employees to save earnings in an FDIC-insured bank account – fixed amount from each check, $1, $2, or $5 each time they access earned wages, or save pennies from each shift worked.

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Legion Technologies’ mission is to transform hourly jobs into good jobs. The company’s industry-leading, AI-powered workforce management (WFM) platform optimizes labor efficiency and enhances the employee experience simultaneously – at scale. The Legion WFM platform has been proven to deliver 13x ROI through schedule optimization, reduced attrition, increased productivity, and increased operational efficiency. Legion delivers cutting-edge technology in an easy-to-use platform and mobile app that employees love.