Labor Budgeting

Key Features

  • Increase long-range labor budget accuracy by creating budget plans based on accurate, granular demand forecasts powered by machine learning and rooted by optimized labor plans as used in the weekly schedule.

  • Location-hierarchy-based access allows the option of bottom-up input and visibility. For example, you can allow districts to enter their operating hours, create and submit their budget scenarios.

  • Model what-if scenarios by explicitly adjusting the inputs, such as sales, traffic, channel mix, location variables, and/or directly adjusting the total budget hours.

  • Option to automatically apply budget constraints to the automatically generated weekly schedule.

For many businesses, accurately forecasting business demand and the supporting labor needs 12-18 months out can be challenging, especially when the top-down budget is created independently from the operating labor model. For example, budgets often aren’t followed at the stores because store operations or managers feel they lack critical details or don’t fit with their labor models.

Imagine if you could easily create accurate budgets by marrying the staffing model with the labor models used in the stores to automatically enforce it and create schedules for every week – 12 to 18 months out?

Legion Labor Budgeting enables finance and planning teams to do just that. You can create optimized labor budgets based on accurate long-term demand forecasts that use machine learning as well as operating hours, labor models, wage rates, compliance requirements, and company-specific policies. Legion enables bottoms-up or top-down collaboration when creating a budget, so it fits the existing budget processes of a business. The labor budget, once finalized, can be set for execution and automatically enforced in the Legion Automated Scheduling module.

Legion Labor Budgeting

Create Long-Range Labor Budgets

  • Budget planners can create labor budgets centrally at HQ or bottom-up from the field level, leverage machine learningpowered forecasts and existing date-effective configurations.

  • Specify budget plan duration: max 12 month planning period, up to 18 months in advance.

  • Review and update inputs to create a top-down budget for all locations or review roll-up of bottom-up budgets when each region or district submits its budget for review.

Labor Budgeting Scenario
Adjust Budget

Manage Budget Inputs and Outputs

  • Simply edit the inputs to model various budget scenarios.

  • Option to use Legion forecasted demand or externally loaded demand.

  • Apply the same labor models as in weekly schedules.

  • Export the budget output labor hours to review, approve and set budget in effect.

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About Legion

Legion Technologies’ mission is to transform hourly jobs into good jobs. The company’s industry-leading, AI-powered workforce management (WFM) platform optimizes labor efficiency and enhances the employee experience simultaneously – at scale. The Legion WFM platform has been proven to deliver 13x ROI through schedule optimization, reduced attrition, increased productivity, and increased operational efficiency. Legion delivers cutting-edge technology in an easy-to-use platform and mobile app that employees love.