Frontline Communications

Key Features

  • Faster, easier rollout – no new app or IT project required

  • Tailored to the hourly workforce for manager, employee, and top-down corporate communications

  • Rich controls to set communication policies that are automatically enforced by the Legion platform for compliant, schedule-aware communications

  • Powerful moderation tools to quickly isolate and resolve any improper use of the Communication Tools

Communicating with managers and peers is often a manual and inconsistent process for hourly employees because businesses have been reluctant to provide digital tools, such as email, due to compliance concerns.

Poor communication leads to a lack of transparency and consistency, negatively impacting retention and the employee experience. For example, a recent study found that 39% of frontline employees surveyed said that besides pay, they would quit their current job because of poor communication with their managers.

Unlock the Power of Digital Communications for Hourly Employees

Legion Frontline Communications enables businesses to transform how they communicate with employees by removing barriers that have prevented businesses from providing Communication Tools to their hourly employees. Legion Frontline Communications offers a complete set of modern tools that are designed specifically to allow frontline hourly employees to communicate and connect with peers and managers.

Frontline Communications leverages policies, organizational hierarchies, roles, and permissions that already exist in the Legion WFM platform, enabling faster rollout because there’s no new app or IT project required. And, hourly employees use the Communication Tools in the same Legion mobile app – used by 95% of customers’ employees weekly to view schedules, swap shifts, and make other requests. Businesses can leverage that high rate of adoption to easily reach hourly employees where they are, in an instant, without having to provide them with separate communication tools, such as email.

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  • Replace or complement in-store boards and reach employees where they are

  • Build culture by sharing company news, leadership communications, and highlighting top performers

  • Share policy and health updates to all field locations or just specific locations or roles

  • Measure your reach with reports on posts, views, comments, and reactions

  • Set viewing, posting, and editing permissions by role and enable or disable reactions and comments on posts

Chat messaging

  • Supports group or one-to-one messaging

  • Facilitates employee/manager interactions when they can’t meet face-to-face

  • Enables employees to contact each other in a secure, auditable channel

  • Allows you to define specific recipients or use pre-defined communication groups by roles, locations, and titles

  • Easily snap and attach photos

Chat messaging screenshot
Legion Frontline Communications screenshot

Content Moderation

  • Employees can report questionable content

  • Flexible moderation permissions let you choose who is responsible for moderating content

  • Moderators have access to “Moderation Hub” and are notified as soon as employees report content

  • Full audit log of post edits and moderation actions

Request a demo to see Legion Frontline Communications in action. Learn more about how we can help you transform the way you communicate and engage with employees across your entire organization.

About Legion

Legion Technologies’ mission is to transform hourly jobs into good jobs. The company’s industry-leading, AI-powered workforce management (WFM) platform optimizes labor efficiency and enhances the employee experience simultaneously – at scale. The Legion WFM platform has been proven to deliver 13x ROI through schedule optimization, reduced attrition, increased productivity, and increased operational efficiency. Legion delivers cutting-edge technology in an easy-to-use platform and mobile app that employees love.