Demand Forecasting

Key Features

  • Get advanced forecasting technology – productized and automated

  • Factor in your unique labor model and staffing policies

  • Forecast business demand in dollars, transactions, foot traffic, or other variants

  • Customize more than 50 advanced machine learning baseline algorithms that continually improve and learn from 1000s of your unique data points

  • Get labor forecasts in 15-minute increments by location

Legion Demand Forecasting Today Dash

Legion WFM uses machine learning to create highly accurate demand forecasts that help organizations ensure optimal staffing.

“Legion’s technology can determine exactly what’s needed at any given time, on any given day, at any given Blink location to meet our members’ needs.”

David Collingnon
SVP of Operations, Blink Fitness

Legion Todays Demand Forecast Device

One-click scheduling matches employee preferences with labor demands, generated through automated demand forecasts.

Retailers and Supply Chain executives have seen dramatic shifts in consumer behavior. Demand for alternative shopping options has skyrocketed, resulting in a need to reskill workers, develop new deployment strategies, and deliver quick, seamless interactions.

Employees also continue to expect new levels of flexibility. Faster decision making, operational agility, better insights into demand drivers for both short-term tactical staffing plans and longer-term hiring and budget planning.

Old forecasting methods, manual processes, and simple forecast model spreadsheets that rely on assumptions lead to results that aren’t consistent, granular, or easy – costing operations and finance teams wasted time and effort. And managers end up with inaccurate demand forecasts and unoptimized labor plans.

Imagine if you could model what-if scenarios, such as adjusting total budget hours, easily changing inputs, and enforcing operating labor models? Or, what if you could take your manager who creates the best, most accurate forecasts and replicate their results everywhere? The Legion WFM demand forecasting engine automatically delivers consistent, accurate forecasts across all locations week after week.

Granular Forecasts Deliver New Levels of Precision

Forecasts are tailored to your specific business needs, whether it’s at the level of categories or locations. During the setup phase, our data science experts integrate your unique data, such as historical sales via POS, traffic counters through direct API, or FTP integrations. Legion WFM also syndicates external data, such as events, weather, or other external data that could impact demand, so you don’t have to run complex calculations, pay high data fees, or use manual processes. For example, Legion WFM demand forecasting ensures you know exactly what type of labor you need every hour of every week. Plus, you can integrate your unique staffing policies and local laws.

Achieve Better Results

Detailed forecasting is a formidable task. True accuracy for a single business with thousands of locations and many demand drivers at each location could easily result in tens or hundreds of individual models that need to be selected, trained, and monitored continuously. It’s impossible to operate on this scale if several steps require manual intervention, so many businesses fall back on generic models. Legion has designed a fully automated infrastructure that handles the end-to-end data ingestion process, model (re-)selection, model (re-)training, and forecast generation to help even the largest organizations achieve new levels of data accuracy.

Machine Learning Continuously Improves Accuracy

Forecasting models that lack true machine learning (ML) are often only capable of learning a small number of patterns and rely on manual adjustments to accommodate other patterns. Legion’s advanced ML-based forecast engine automatically learns many types of time-based patterns in historical data and automatically adjusts for seasonality and holidays. Legion WFM selects one of 50 baseline model algorithms for each of your data sets. The selected models are then customized to the uniqueness of your data sets. Forecast results are monitored and compared with projections to retrain the ML model and continually improve.

Legion Demand Forecasting Labor Data

Legion WFM uses a company’s unique data points and external factors, including weather and events, to create highly accurate, by-location labor forecasts.

Labor Optimization

Legion WFM takes the automatically generated, highly accurate demand forecasts and creates an optimal labor plan automatically. No more mapping between labor models used by finance for forecasting and operations for scheduling. With no manual steps or “lost in translation” data issues, Legion creates a labor plan that is optimized for your business.

One-Click Scheduling

Once the forecast is automatically created (and personalized with specific company data), managers can create schedules with one click that match employees’ preferences. Legion WFM ensures business efficiency while addressing employees’ needs.

What’s Different About Legion’s Demand Forecasting

Legion’s approach to demand forecasting includes highly specific forecast models tailored to each dataset, and it uses external data within our automated and scalable infrastructure. You get much higher accuracy levels than other methods can achieve – and it’s all automated. What does this mean for you and your business? With Legion WFM, you can:

  • Improve and automate labor forecasts

  • Create optimal labor plans and better schedules

  • Understand long-term budgeting needs

  • Develop what-if scenarios for new channels, deploying workers, and more

Legion’s demand forecasting engine has delivered proven results for more than four years. Powered by machine learning, it ensures accuracy is scalable and automatically generates consistent results across all your locations.

Request a demo to see our demand forecasting in action, and learn more about how we can help you save time, avoid errors, and deliver consistent results across your entire organization.

About Legion

The Legion AI-powered workforce management platform optimizes labor efficiency and employee engagement simultaneously – at scale. Customers have significantly reduced labor costs, cut scheduling time in half, and achieved 95% employee engagement. Unlike legacy software, Legion WFM was built for the cloud, designed to handle the complexity of modern organizations, and meet the needs of today’s hourly workers.