AI-Powered Workforce Management

Over the past few years, businesses of all sizes have been innovating to transform the way they serve their customers and manage their workforces. Many have invested heavily in digital transformation to serve customers through new channels, communicate more effectively, or make it easier to complete transactions. But, technology shouldn’t just be for customers. Employees and managers of all levels want the same modern tools to manage job tasks on their mobile devices.

Workforce management technology must keep pace by creating greater labor efficiencies and an empowered workforce that provides customers with an exceptional experience. For example, looking at why employees leave their current jobs, a recent study found that 59% of employees who responded cited a lack of schedule empowerment as the top reason they would quit their job. And, 39% listed poor communication with their managers as a reason to leave.

Legacy workforce management software often focuses on one side of the equation – operational efficiencies or the employee experience. Yet, both are required to drive business growth and retain employees.

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Businesses can optimize labor efficiency and enhance employee experience simultaneously, and our customers have proven it. In a recent study, Forrester Research calculated that Legion WFM customers realized 13x ROI while significantly reducing labor costs and cutting scheduling time in half. In addition, more than 95% of hourly employees adopt the Legion mobile app because it provides greater empowerment and improved communications.

Legion delivers value across the workforce management continuum and provides you with the insights you need to deliver more value back to your business. Through planning and execution, Legion delivers technology that empowers your employees and helps you improve business outcomes. All on a modern, AI-powered, cloud-native platform.


Strong operational execution starts with creating a long-term labor budget and an optimal labor plan. Then, using our fully automated, data-driven demand forecasting engine, you get highly accurate granular forecasts. The advanced demand forecasting engine achieves new levels of accuracy with continuous improvement through machine learning.

The complete workforce management continuum is included to give you actionable insights. You can analyze your performance against goals, publish reports, and leverage the WFM data in your planning process.

Strategic Insights

Legion Strategic Insights provides business leaders, WFM project sponsors, and administrators with deep insights into employee engagement, manager productivity, labor optimization, and compliance management trends. No IT support is required to get started. With a quick configuration setting, business users get immediate access to out-of-the-box dashboards and hundreds of other key performance indicators at any granularity level.

  • Out-of-the-box dashboards track employee engagement, manager productivity, schedule optimization, and compliance management

  • Business users identify key trends and make better operational decisions

  • Reports and dashboards are easily built against almost 200 key performance indicators without IT assistance

  • Reports are available at any granularity level and customized to the organization’s unique needs

Labor Budgeting

Legion Labor Budgeting enables Legion WFM to create labor budgets using accurate long-term forecasts powered by machine learning, as well as operating hours, labor models, wage rates, and other rules used to execute weekly schedules.

  • Increase long-range labor budget accuracy by creating budget plans based on accurate, granular demand forecasts that are powered by machine learning and rooted in optimized labor plans used to create weekly schedules

  • Location-hierarchy-based access allows the option of bottom-up input and visibility

  • Model what-if scenarios by adjusting inputs, such as sales, traffic, channel mix, location variables, and/or directly adjusting the total budget hours

  • Option to automatically apply labor budget constraints to the auto generated weekly schedule

Demand Forecasting

Legion WFM uses machine learning to automatically create highly accurate demand forecasts that ensure optimal staffing for every location.

  • Fully automated, granular forecasts deliver new levels of precision

  • Advanced ML-based forecast engine continuously improves accuracy

  • Factor in your unique labor model and staffing policies

  • Forecast business demand in dollars, transactions, foot traffic, or other variables

  • Customize more than 50 advanced machine-learning baseline algorithms that continually improve and learn from 1000s of your unique data points

  • Deliver labor forecasts in 15-minute increments by location and channel


To drive and execute efficient labor plans, optimal labor hours are automatically computed based on the forecasted demand and labor standards. Once the optimal labor plan is in place, fully compliant schedules that meet your employees’ preferences can be generated in a single click.

Labor Optimization

Automatically compute optimal labor hours based on precisely forecasted demand and customer labor standards to drive efficient labor plans.

  • Factor demand and fixed tasks

  • See optimal staffing plans

  • Integrate external data such as delivery dates

Automated Scheduling

Automatically match business needs with employee preferences and generate compliant schedules. The Legion mobile app allows employees to indicate scheduling preferences, view upcoming shifts, and more.

  • 96% of employees preferences matched

  • Integrated labor laws minimize compliance risk

  • Simple, intuitive mobile app

  • Automated, compliant shift swaps auto-match preferences with schedules

  • Curated shift offers created in seconds, based on preferences, skills, and compliance factors

  • Schedule Score helps managers assess schedule quality and meet the factors most important to the business

  • AI-generated scheduling engine learns based on manager edits and continuously improves

Time & Attendance

Get accurate time tracking without buying costly time clocks. Ensure compliance, automate approvals, and integrate with payroll – all in one system.

  • Automatically computes penalty premiums, flags and reports violations

  • Provides mobile-enabled kiosk or integrates with other systems, such as POS, to streamline the employee experience

  • Improves budget adherence with schedule-aware time clock


Legion WFM transforms the frontline employee experience with schedule empowerment, early access to earned wages, modern communications, and performance and rewards – so you can attract and retain highly productive employees.

Frontline Communications

Legion Frontline Communications enables you to transform how you communicate with your frontline hourly employees by removing barriers that have prevented you from extending communications tools to your frontline hourly employees. And, it addresses one of the biggest pain points for managers and employees – easy, timely communications.

  • A complete set of modern frontline communications tools: Newsfeed, Chat, Contextual Conversations

  • Compliant and schedule-aware

  • Rich controls to set communication policies

  • Powerful moderation tools to quickly isolate and resolve any improper use of the communication tools

“There’s often a challenge in meeting both business demand as well as employee satisfaction as it relates to schedules. Legion allows our team members to become active participants in the creation of their schedules and also makes it easy for us as a business to best serve our community. A magical accomplishment. Legion is the future.”

Jacob Jaber
CEO, Philz Coffee

Legion InstantPay

Legion Instant Pay gives you the power to offer employees access to their earned wages when they need them. And, because it’s built into the Legion mobile app, which has 95% employee engagement weekly, you can provide Earned Wage Access (EWA) in the same mobile app your employees already use regularly.

  • Drive schedule adherence, improve clock-in and clock-out behavior, and fill shifts quickly by enabling employees to see how much they will make for an open shift

  • Give employees access to wages they’ve earned when they need them while still complying with garnishments or company policies

  • Provide three ways for employees to save earnings in an FDICinsured bank account – fixed amount from each check, $1, $2, or $5 each time they access earned wages, or save pennies from each shift worked

  • Get better insights into actual results and monitoring

Performance and Rewards

Legion Performance and Rewards automatically measures employee performance and computes rewards or infraction points to objectively measure an employee’s daily performance.

  • Managers can effortlessly evaluate and reward high performers

  • In-app leaderboards gamify the employee experience to help drive motivation.

  • Frontline Communications helps you share kudos or rewards with employees easily in the Newsfeed.

AI and Cloud- Native Platform Designed for Scale and Integration

The Legion WFM platform includes cutting-edge machine learning and, artificial intelligence (AI). It helps you get up and running quickly with intuitive interfaces and tools that employees love – all while delivering over 10x return on investment.


Easily integrate your existing environment with our multi-tenant, cloudbased microservices architecture. Our platform is enterprise-ready with SOC-2 certification, 24x7 support, and zero-downtime upgrades.

Control Center

Streamline operational management and implementation, and accelerate time to value with Legion WFM self-service configuration and controls.

Request a demo to see Legion’s AI and Machine Learning powered Workforce Management in action. Learn more about how Legion delivers immediate and long-term value to your business, so you can optimize labor efficiency and empower hourly employees simultaneously.

About Legion

Legion Technologies’ mission is to transform hourly jobs into good jobs. The company’s industry-leading, AI-powered workforce management (WFM) platform optimizes labor efficiency and enhances the employee experience simultaneously – at scale. The Legion WFM platform has been proven to deliver 13x ROI through schedule optimization, reduced attrition, increased productivity, and increased operational efficiency. Legion delivers cutting-edge technology in an easy-to-use platform and mobile app that employees love.