Compliance Solution Brief


  • Fully integrated Schedule, Timesheet, and Employee SelfService (ESS) in one platform

  • Employee consent captured/recorded

  • Alerts for compliance violations

  • Auto-computes premium pay

  • Smart alerts and insights help managers when editing schedules

  • Employee swaps/covers automatically validated

  • Up-to-date compliance templates for all states and regions

  • Comprehensive recordkeeping and reporting with drilldowns on compliance violations

Recently, several US cities and states have enacted predictive scheduling laws. These new mandates require companies to eliminate “on-call” scheduling practices and give workers greater visibility into the hours they’re required to work in the coming weeks. For employers in the retail, hospitality, and foodservice industries, these laws present significant challenges to achieving compliance while maintaining flexible scheduling and hitting business goals. As more regions across the US consider similar laws, every company that relies on an hourly workforce should prepare.

Legion manages the complexities of predictive scheduling regulations by ensuring the timely publication of schedules that incorporate employee preferences and related predictive scheduling laws. As part of this process, Legion flags and records all violations and auto computes premium pay. All records are kept in Legion, including consent records from employees. Legion tracks penalties such as schedule changes and clopening premiums. By automating weekly scheduling overlayed with local compliance requirements, Legion mitigates regulatory costs and risks.


Legion manages the complexities of state and local predictive scheduling laws while simultaneously creating optimized labor forecasts and schedules to achieve the stated business objectives.

  • Mitigate federal, state, and local compliance risks

  • Eliminate costly and timeconsuming forecasting, scheduling, and compliance processes

  • Foster a positive work environment for hourly employees

Workforce Management Compliance Solution Brief Screenshot

AI-powered automated scheduling and timesheets incorporate local compliance regulations with no manual effort required

Workforce Management Compliance Solution Brief Table

Legion maintains a library of compliance templates on a city-by-city basis


Leveraging historical customer data to forecast labor demand, Legion will create optimized and fully-compliant schedules on a global scale. By automating the timeconsuming process of forecasting, scheduling, and verifying compliance, Legion empowers supervisors to focus on serving customers and growing the business.

Preloaded Compliance Templates

Legion maintains a library of preloaded compliance templates. As more predictive scheduling laws become the norm across the US, Legion will maintain up-to-date compliance templates and business rules to ensure schedules are fully compliant.

Customizable Rules

Supervisors can customize scheduling rules to align with the company’s unique needs while complying with state and local regulations. This extra layer of specificity compliments predictive scheduling laws that mandate requirements for breaks, work hours, and overtime.

Notifications and Timekeeping

Legion monitors the entire scheduling process and will generate immediate notification alerts whenever a compliance violation is detected with built-in flags if out-of-compliance modifications occur. At the same time, Legion will maintain a complete and accurate record of all scheduling activities to demonstrate multi-year compliance. For timesheets, Legion has alerts and reports for out-of-compliance areas, including overtime pay, with detailed metrics to show if managers violate compliance policy.

Employee Engagement and Self-Service

After a fully-compliant schedule has been published, employees can verify their upcoming work-hours from anywhere via a mobile device. If they are eligible, employees can pick-up additional shifts. By demonstrating compliance and controlling their schedules, companies can foster a happier and more productive workplace.