Advanced Data Science Adoption Service

Legion provides an end-to-end platform that manages all aspects of workforce management (WFM), including demand forecasting, labor optimization, automated scheduling, employee engagement, and time and attendance. Legion WFM is datadriven and has built-in artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning functionality for each of these functions and across the platform as a whole.

Legion Data Science Team

Thomas Joseph and Gopal Sundaram are the executive leaders of our Data Science team. Under their guidance, our team of data scientists will work with you to build and manage your AI-powered WFM platform and help you refine and optimize your data integration with Legion WFM.


Head of Data Science

Thomas is an expert in Data Science and designing and deploying largescale enterprise systems. Previously, he was VP in the Office of the CTO at SAP, where he led projects in business networks, application integration, and the Internet of Things. Before that, he was CTO at TIBCO Software Inc. Thomas holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Cornell University, and he is a graduate of the Stanford Executive Program and UCLA Anderson School of Management M&A Program.



Gopal is an expert in designing and building cloud-based scalable enterprise applications. His primary interests are algorithms and mathematical optimization for building performant and scalable apps. Previously, he was a Distinguished Engineer and Chief Architect at SAP/Ariba. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Operations Research from SUNY, Stony Brook NY, and a B.A. in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

Using AI & Machine Learning in WFM

The Legion WFM platform uses behavioral learning, optimization algorithms, and more than 50 different Machine Learning models based on algorithms ranging from statistical methods to deep learning. Legion uses AI in individual WFM functions, collects data across all functions, and feeds the data back into each function intelligently to achieve results that aren’t possible with other WFM products. Companies that harness the full power of AI and Machine Learning in their WFM operations get transformational results. Processes that used to take hours are automated and become part of an optimized workflow.

Adopting AI-Powered WFM

The process of setting up and adopting AI-powered WFM requires strategic planning, ongoing experimentation, and iteration. Teams need to identify, gather, and integrate data to facilitate machine learning:

  • Identify Demand Drivers, such as sales traffic, items, or transactions that directly drive labor

  • Determine Demand Influencers, including external factors that can affect demand, such as weather, local events, or company promotions

  • Integrate Demand Drivers into labor standards and models

  • Establish or update goals for labor utilization, forecast accuracy, and scheduling, plus create additional KPIs to measure these goals

  • Customers that don’t have experience with machine

Learning may want additional support. While, enterprises with strong data science teams may want to leverage their existing experience and knowledge, such as demand drivers, forecasting, and labor models, into Legion WFM.

How to Use the Adoption Service

The Legion Data Science Adoption Service is designed to address both these needs. It provides direct engagement with Legion’s Data Science team at all phases of the implementation. With Platinum Support, you get continued access to the service as part of the quarterly business review. The service includes training and expert guidance on how to maximize your return on investment from Legion WFM – for all types of users:

  • Business managers who want to define demand drivers that best suit their company’s labor model

  • IT professionals trying to identify the best sources of data for use in WFM machine learning

  • Data scientists working on blending their expertise with Legion’s machine learning models

The Legion Data Science team helps you learn more about AI and Machine Learning, and they work with you to refine and optimize your forecasting, staffing guidance, and scheduling to meet your corporate goals.

Knowledge Sessions

  • Machine Learning in Legion Demand Forecasting

  • AI Optimization in Legion Workload Computation and Schedule Generation

Demand Forecasting Workshops

  • Assist with optimal Demand Driver selection

  • Assist with optimal Demand Influencer selection

  • Data Source Selection and Configuration

Labor and Schedule Optimization Workshops

  • Review existing labor standards and policies

  • Review corporate policies and legal compliance rules

  • Configure Legion’s AI optimization engine

Monthly Review and Refinement Sessions during Pioneer Phase

  • Review forecasting, staffing guidance, and schedules vs. goals

  • Refine and fine-tune parameters iteratively

Ongoing optimization as part of QBR (Platinum Support)

  • Refine and optimize forecasting, staffing guidance, and scheduling against quarterly results and fine-tune parameters

With the Legion Data Science Adoption Service, you’ll learn:

  • How to take advantage of data and use machine learning to improve the quality of your forecasts and make data-driven decisions

  • How to use optimization techniques in labor computation and schedule generation

  • How to use automated scheduling based on business policies, compliance rules, and employee preferences to maximize labor efficiency and increase employee engagement