Technology is changing both workplaces and work itself. This eBook dives into AI, Generation Z, Millennials and the changing expectations of the Experience Economy

Product Brief - Demand Forecasting

Learn how Legion relies upon machine learning to deliver highly accurate demand forecasts that save organizations time and money


Unlocking the Value of AI for Workforce Management with the Legion’s Director of Product Management Ou-Dan Peng and Director of Strategic Sales Lou Haidous

Video of mobile app

The legion mobile application keeps employees engaged and satisfied with a simple way to indicate scheduling preferences

Corporate Overview

Learn how legion saves employers money and improves efficiency

Compliance Guide

Discover how Legion helps organizations stay compliant with built-in alerting, schedules and more

Case Study

Learn how Blink Fitness was able to save 10,000 hours annually on scheduling and add budget constraints to schedules to manage labor costs.

blink case study

Case Study

Learn how SoulCycle cut the amount of time managers spend on schedules in half and dropped their compliance violations to zero.

SoulCycle thumb