Getting workforce management right headline

Getting Workforce Management Right

Retailers struggle to address the demand for hourly employees. Understand the obstacles and learn how Legion Workforce Management software helps them optimize labor efficiency and empower employees.

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How to Select the Best AI-Powered WFM Platform: 6 Critical Questions

What’s the right WFM platform to ensure your success? Many vendors claim to have solutions, expertise, and impeccable references. Here are six key questions to help you evaluate.

Legion Compliance Watch - May 2022

Compliance Watch May 2022 – Latest Updates on Labor Laws

In this edition, we show you how Legion WFM helps you manage recent and planned updates in Covid vaccine mandates, minimum wages, fair workweek, and employee leave.

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5 Milestones on Your Journey to AI-Powered WFM

Here are 5 key milestones on your WFM Path to the Possible: planning, implementation, training, scaling up and out, and expanding the capabilities to ensure rapid time-to-value.

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Workforce Management and Technology: Remember Your Audience

In this Humanalytics podcast, Vic and Traci explore how technology and innovation help businesses drive growth while also transforming the lives of hourly employees who are essential workers in those businesses.

Demand Forecasting: Business Anomalies

Legion Demand Forecasting applies machine learning to capture your historical demand data patterns. In addition to the raw, time-series data, it uses custom, predictive data sources, cultivated by our data science team over several years.

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How Legion WFM Powers Through C-Store HR Roadblocks

Convenience stores (C-stores) face many HR challenges, including high labor costs due to turnover, low employee engagement, and overworked managers. See how Legion WFM solves these issues.

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Using Legion WFM and Earned Wage Access to Improve the Hourly Employee Experience

Learn how to use Legion WFM and Earned Wage Access to improve employees’ financial well-being and the hourly employee experience.

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Top 3 Tips for HR and Ops to Empower Hourly Employees with Frontline Communications

Employers can offer benefits beyond pay that will empower hourly employees’ work-life balance, easily manage their schedules and grow their skills, and enhance their experience, so they’re happier and fulfilled in their jobs.