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Your end-to-end workforce management platform

Say goodbye to clunky legacy solutions with Legion’s advanced yet simple-to-use solution for workforce orchestration including labor forecasting, scheduling, engagement and time/attendance

The Legion Platform

Legion solves workforce management challenges—including low employee engagement and time-zapping processes—with visually stunning, intuitive solutions that are backed by proprietary technology, including AI, to continually improve results and increase efficiency.

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Forecast labor demand

The most sophisticated labor forecasting solution on the market, Legion factors in past sales, store traffic, seasonality, weather, and more for highly accurate models that save time and reduce guesswork.

  • Fully automated forecasts make use of and learn from thousands of data points.
  • Factor in your unique staffing policies and local labor law regulations.
  • Machine learning models are continually tweaked to deliver 98 percent accuracy.

Scheduling & matching

Automate matching
& workforce scheduling

Legion’s matching helps you overcome the current challenges with scheduling by matching business needs with your employee’s skill, preference and performance.

  • Legion reduces the time store leaders spend scheduling by up to 80% by creating and maintaining fully automated schedules in seconds
  • Prevent under- and over-staffing by combining forecasts, budgets, compliance, and more
  • Last-minute changes? No problem. Legion manages additional capacity needs via open shift offers that are automatically sent to relevant employees
Mobile Engagement

Employee preferences

Increase employee satisfaction

Legion’s easy-to-use mobile app makes it easy for employees to share their schedule preferences, make updates, and manage their schedules, giving them ownership in the process and freeing up store managers.

  • Employees stay on top of schedules with mobile notifications and can simply enter work preferences and availability to receive personalized schedules
  • Legion proactively helps employees fulfill swaps and cover requests by identifying matches, while upholding compliance and business policies
  • Users report greater satisfaction with their schedules after implementing Legion

Time and Attendance

Reconcile attendance and schedules

Managers and payroll administrators can manage employee attendance and payroll with ease and according to the latest local predictable scheduling regulations with Legion Time and Attendance. Managers close the loop between schedule and clocked time while effectively managing labor budgets and executing to plan with a high degree of consistency. Key features include:

  • Real-time alerts on timeclock to schedule differences
  • Meal break management
  • Reporting on regular and compliance premium pay
  • Timesheet correction and approval
  • Employee request timesheet changes
  • Tip distribution


Ease Compliance Burdens

Legion gives you confidence schedules comply with the latest labor laws and in-house policies, with the following features:

  • Preloaded compliance regulations, with built-in alerts for regulatory changes, let you proactively manage compliance on a global scale
  • Real-time flags and enforcement for schedule changes that could trigger a compliance violation
  • Total control over location customization and in-house policies

Workforce analytics

Promote accountability and make data-driven decisions

Full visibility at the click of a button. Legion’s analytics suite empowers your managers and executives with the relevant metrics to manage day-to-day and longer-term operations.

  • Real-time analytics that provide insights across forecast accuracy, schedule compliance, and team engagement metrics
  • Customizable, role-based reports and dashboards
  • Seamless integration with the BI tools of your choice
Workforce Analytics


Legion comes ready to work. No IT required.

The Legion platform is built for integration and our customer success team works side by side with you to ensure our solution meets your needs. A few of our many integrations include:

  • POS systems like Square and Revel
  • Traffic counters including RetailNext, Dor and others
  • HR/payroll systems like Paylocity, Gusto, Bamboo, Ultimate Software, Workday, Oracle

Interested in finding out what other integrations are supported? Just ask