Employee Engagement

Provide an easy, intuitive way for employees to manage schedules


Mobile-driven engagement

Employees define when, how much and where they want to work

Manage schedule and location preferences

Lets managers approve requests, see forecasts while on the go

Self-service shift swaps, time off requests

Receive/claim offers for additional work and more

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Legion Employee Engagement

Let workers schedule any time, anywhere

The Legion mobile app lets employees indicate scheduling preferences, see upcoming shifts, initiate swaps, request time off and more from their cell phones. A simple-to-use interface keeps employees engaged, no training required.

Feed data for one-click schedules

Once employees indicate their scheduling preferences, Legion intelligently matches their preferences to your labor needs. 96% of the time, it’s a perfect match. Satisfied employees. Well-covered shifts. What more could you ask for? 

Legion Employee Engagement

Role-based mobile access

Manage from your pocket with Legion’s mobile manager view. Leaders see all workers on the schedule, send updates, glance at labor forecasts, view an activity feed and send announcements to manage while on the floor, in the kitchen, at the warehouse or just about anywhere.

Increase coverage with location sharing

Have multiple locations within a few miles? With Legion, employees indicate all the places they are willing to work. Add variety to employees’ work lives while filling coverage gaps and enlisting last-minute help.

Legion Employee Engagement

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