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The AI-Powered Labor Platform

Legion uses AI to help employers reduce costs, eliminate labor inefficiency and boost employee engagement for their hourly workforce with advanced yet simple-to-use solutions for workforce management including labor forecasting, scheduling, engagement, compliance and time/attendance. 

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Accurately Gauge Labor Needs While
Increasing Employee Satisfaction

We develop highly accurate (98%), by-location labor forecasts that incorporate vast data sets using machine learning to continually improve results and then match employer needs with employee preferences.


Eliminate Forecasting Guesswork

Most businesses aren’t optimizing their labor—leaving profit on the table. Legion demand forecasts integrate events, weather, historical sales and more to predict labor needs down to 30-minute increments, by customer and by location, so you can eliminate over and understaffing.

Save Hours on Scheduling

Legion helps you overcome scheduling challenges by matching business needs with your employee’s skill, preference, and performance, reducing the time managers spend scheduling by up to 80% with automated, one-click schedules that are generated in seconds.

Empower Employees

With Legion, employees can access a simple, intuitive mobile app to indicate preferences, initiate swaps, see alerts, chat with staff and more to help you deliver great service while letting your employees know they count.

Track Time and Attendance

Legion makes it easy for employees and for managers to record, monitor and keep track of time and attendance on a smart tablet kiosk. We integrate with payroll systems so employees can be paid on time and without friction.

Trusted by the most innovative brands in retail, Health/wellness and food service

“There’s often a challenge in meeting both business demand as well as employee satisfaction as it relates to schedules. Legion allows our team members to become active participants in the creation of their schedule and also makes it easy for us as a business to best serve our community. A magical accomplishment. Legion is the future.”

Jacob Jaber, CEO, Philz Coffee


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