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Legion’s AI technology helps you comply with predictable scheduling laws in Oregon.

And in every other state and city in the US.

Complying with predictable scheduling laws at the state and city levels is a time-consuming task that is often not done right, resulting in high unnecessary labor costs.

Legion’s AI powered labor platform matches compliance with labor perfectly. Always.


Explore below to see how.

Are your work schedules in compliance?

Legion automates compliance for each law of the Oregon Employee Work Schedules Law, saving you money and time.

Hover over each section of the Oregon poster below to see how.

The Legion Compliance Solution

  1. Managers specify expected work hours and committed day & times when new employees onboard Legion through the App.
  2. Managers assign and update employee’s scheduling policy group, which indicates hours and shift estimates.
  3. One click to generate schedule that automatically matches scheduling policy groups.

The Legion Compliance Solution

  1. Deadline reminder notices for Managers.
  2. Schedule compliance report records publish date for all versions of schedule.

The Legion Compliance Solution

  1. Warning when Manager makes schedule changes.
  2. View complete history of employer-initiated changes vs. employee-volunteered changes.
  3. Timesheet includes schedule change premium based on actual timeclock.
  4. Ability for Employee to decline schedule changes.


The Legion Compliance Solution

  1. Employees can choose to volunteer for additional hours.
  2. Managers can edit schedule and select from the volunteer list.

The Legion Compliance Solution

  1. Auto scheduling ensures no less than 10-hr between closing and opening.
  2. Compliance review flags clopening violation when Managers manually edit and save schedule.
  3. Timesheet includes clopening premium based on schedule change reason and actual timeclock.
  4. Ability to track employee opt-in to work clopening shift.

The Legion Compliance Solution

  1. Employees can enter availability, work and location preferences in the Legion App.
  2. Legion scheduling automatically factors employee inputs.

Leading retailers and restaurants use The Legion Demand-Ready Labor Platform to comply with predictable scheduling laws and match demand with labor. Perfectly. Always.

Experience for yourself how the Legion Labor Platform makes technology work for you.