Committed to your Success

Legion teams work side-by-side with you to implement Legion, train your staff and ensure you are continually deriving value from our solutions


We focus on a low-risk and rapid time to value approach by implementing Legion in a two-phased model. First, we onboard a small set of locations quickly to minimize business disruption while offering the opportunity to tune the implementation with your feedback, live integration and real results. Once this phase is complete, we take the learnings, incorporate them into our training and rollout plans and design a rollout path that is tailored to your needs. The whole time, we gather metrics and ensure you get the most out of your investment in Legion.


Legion is self-service by design and this also applies to our training. Our services are designed to enable you to own our solution and do what you need to run your business. We offer live onsite training geared for a “train the trainer” approach as well as virtual application based training built into Legion for users. Both approaches ensure the administrators and users of Legion can run your business without interruption.

Customer Success

Legion provides an experienced account management and customer success team that ensures our organizations remained aligned throughout our relationship. We set up quarterly and annual plans with you to improve our partnership and your business every year while advising on best practices to increase labor efficiency and employee engagement with Legion.


Legion has 24×7 support and an online portal with frequently asked questions, helpful tips, videos and more. Whether you want to dive deeply into a specific feature, have a complex integration or just want to find out about best practices, we provide all you need to be successful with Legion.