2022 employee benefits and workplace predictions: Tech touchpoints explode

Even the most tech-savvy among us will have some work to do to stay abreast of new developments in 2022.

How Retailers Can Scale their Workforces for the Holidays and Beyond

Every year, companies large and small, spanning the entire retail supply chain, compete for workers to help them deliver against peak demand that comes with the holiday season. However, this year, retailers are struggling to hire enough people to meet even non-peak business needs.

HR Tech Radar 2021

HR Tech RADAR 2021: Top 250 HR SaaS Technology Companies You Should Follow

The HR Tech landscape is a vast space consisting of the traditional SaaS providers as well new-age Cloud and automation companies that have recently played a very disruptive role during the pandemic period… The HR Tech RADAR 2021 is an unbiased list of top HR Technology SaaS companies that garnered maximum views on our publication and showcased above-average customer reviews across various freely available online review platforms.


Next Billion-Dollar Startups

With increased attention on workforce issues during the pandemic, Legion revenues are expected to more than double this year


Next Billion-Dollar Startups: Digital Transformation Is Here To Stay

Customers across industries including retail, hospitality, healthcare, and manufacturing use Legion WFM to reduce costs, compliance risks, and labor inefficiencies; and enhance the employee experience.


Why This Year’s Next Billion-Dollar Startups Are Younger, Smaller

In a market sloshing with liquidity, companies are reaching the unicorn level with breakneck speed. All told, there are now more than 1,000 such companies worldwide, with 142 new ones in the most recent quarter alone.


Next Billion-Dollar Startups 2021

Legion uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help its customers forecast demand and optimize their labor costs, while taking into account employees’ preferences for when and how they work.


Legion Launches The First AI-Powered WFM solution To Optimize Labor Efficiency And Empower Hourly Employees Through A Single Platform

The Legion WFM platform optimizes labor while empowering employees. The platform provides employees with more control over their schedules by making it easy to swap or pick up shifts. With the addition of the three new WFM modules, Legion further transforms the frontline employee experience by allowing employers to offer high-value benefits that aren’t typically accessible to hourly employees.

Illustration people setting gears

Legion Introduces Four New Modules to WFM Solution

Legion has taken another step forward with new financial and communications resources that allow businesses to analyze and automate a number of employee-related tasks.