New Research Shows “Great Resignation” Slowing But Hourly Employees Remain Deeply Dissatisfied

To combat “The Great Resignation”, Legion WFM helps enterprises to optimize their labor efficiency through AI-powered demand forecasting, labor optimization, automated scheduling, and time and attendance.

Study: Hourly Employees ‘Deeply Dissatisfied’— Here’s What They Want

The “Great Resignation” is showing signs of slowing, but the majority of hourly workers are deeply dissatisfied with their jobs according to a study by AI-powered workforce management company Legion Technologies that surveyed 1,016 U.S. hourly workers and 505 managers.

Giving Power to Your Best Customers: Your Employees

WFM technology spans everything from safety-related technology to forecasting technology, employee self-service, task management, and training. These tools empower the employees, which leads to higher job satisfaction and retainment.

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Meet California’s 101 Top CEO’s in the SaaS Space

This list showcases the top California-based CEOs operating in the SaaS space. The individuals on this list have been included because of exceptional performance.

42 Companies that are Changing Workplaces for the Better

Legion Technologies has been named as a finalist in the ‘Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Awards’ in the Workforce Management Platform category.

The Great Resignation & The Future of Work: Traci Chernoff of Legion on How Employers and Employees are Reworking Work Together

At Legion, our mission is to turn hourly jobs into good jobs, and we use it to drive our employees to create new solutions and products that not only lean into this value but also make them proud to be a part of it.

Transforming Hourly Jobs to Good Jobs: How Technology Is Changing The World of Work

Traci Chernoff, Legion Technologies’ Director of Employee Engagement joined the Humanalytics podcast to discuss how businesses with a sizable hourly workforce can offer greater flexibility while still meeting scheduling and business demands.

Modern Workforce Management Solutions: Beyond Time and Attendance

CSN sits down with Michael Spataro, Legion Technologies’ Chief Delivery Officer, to discuss how traditional retail workforce management (WFM) technology solutions have evolved and what that evolution means for c-stores as well as other types of retailers.

The Fightback for Hospitality Workers Starts with the Employee Experience

If hospitality businesses are to win back the talent the industry needs, then focusing on the whole person needs of newly empowered workers will be key.