Why This Year’s Next Billion-Dollar Startups Are Younger, Smaller

In a market sloshing with liquidity, companies are reaching the unicorn level with breakneck speed. All told, there are now more than 1,000 such companies worldwide, with 142 new ones in the most recent quarter alone.


Next Billion-Dollar Startups: Digital Transformation Is Here To Stay

Customers across industries including retail, hospitality, healthcare, and manufacturing use Legion WFM to reduce costs, compliance risks, and labor inefficiencies; and enhance the employee experience.


Next Billion-Dollar Startups 2021

Legion uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help its customers forecast demand and optimize their labor costs, while taking into account employees’ preferences for when and how they work.


Legion Launches The First AI-Powered WFM solution To Optimize Labor Efficiency And Empower Hourly Employees Through A Single Platform

The Legion WFM platform optimizes labor while empowering employees. The platform provides employees with more control over their schedules by making it easy to swap or pick up shifts. With the addition of the three new WFM modules, Legion further transforms the frontline employee experience by allowing employers to offer high-value benefits that aren’t typically accessible to hourly employees.

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Legion Introduces Four New Modules to WFM Solution

Legion has taken another step forward with new financial and communications resources that allow businesses to analyze and automate a number of employee-related tasks.

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Legion Launches The First AI-Powered WFM Solution To Optimize Labor Efficiency And Empower Hourly Employees Through A Single Platform

The Legion WFM platform provides companies with highly accurate forecasts, schedule automation, and actionable insights, enabling more control over labor costs and minimizing compliance risks. With the addition of the new WFM budgeting module, companies will have powerful, long-range demand forecasting and labor budgeting capabilities.

Employee Perks

Pay Isn’t the Only Reason Employees Quit. Start Offering Them What They Really Value

The top reason hourly workers quit their jobs — other than pay — is tied to their schedules, with 59 percent saying they would leave a job due to lack of schedule empowerment.

Innovative Artificial Intelligence Startups and Companies

44 Most Innovative Redwood City Based Artificial Intelligence Companies

This article showcases our top picks for the best Redwood City based Artificial Intelligence companies. These startups and companies are taking a variety of approaches to innovating the Artificial Intelligence industry.


Legion Workforce Management Platform Powers $13.35 Million In Benefits And 1,345% ROI For Organizations Employing Hourly Workers

According to the study, organizations using the Legion Workforce Management (WFM) platform can expect an ROI of 1,345% over three years.