Legion in Business Insider’s 72 startups that will boom in 2020

Jan 22, 2020

  • We asked a group of investors at successful venture capital firms to name the startups that will boom this year.
  • Each VC was asked to name two startups: one that they or their firm invested in, and one where they have no financial ties or any other interest, but believes will do well.
  • The result is an exciting list of startups to watch in 2020 from the people who make their livings watching startups.
  • Whether you are looking for a hot startup to join as an employee or looking out for tech trends, this list will serve as an indication of what Silicon Valley thinks is hot.

2020 is upon us and one of the best ways to see what the year holds for the tech industry is to ask the venture capitalists that fund, advise and hear pitch after pitch from tech startups.

In that spirit, we reached out to a select group of successful venture capital firms and asked them name the startups that are poised to have very good years.

When we spoke to each VC, we set some ground rules for participation:

  1. The VC must tell us about one startup in their portfolio. After all, they believed in the startup in question enough to fund them.
  2. And they must also tell us about one startup where they have no financial ties or any other interest. After all, they can’t invest in every single cool-sounding startup.

The result is a fascinating list of companies to watch, ranging from tiny, seed stage to under-the-radar growth companies, organized alphabetically. We’ve noted each startup’s estimated total funding to date based on the info from deal database Pitchbook. In the event that we could not determine total funding from Pitchbook, we’ve included what funding info we could.

Here are the 72 startups that they named:

Legion: AI-powered help for hourly workforce

Norwest Venture Partners

Startup: Legion

VC: Sean Jacobsohn, Norwest Venture Partners

Relationship: Investor

Total funding raised: $10.5 million

What it does: AI powered HR tool geared toward companies with hourly workforces.

Why it will boom in 2020: “Hourly workers are more than half of the workforce, but until now haven’t had access to a workforce management platform that’s cloud-based, mobile-first, and AI-powered,” says Jacobsohn.

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